“Hey you should write a Blog” 

The conversation with my GI

Me “Mayo? That’s for really really sick people, right?”

GI “Your not really really sick but your really really complicated. I don’t know what else to try, time for Mayo!”

Hi my name is MACIE and I’m a walking autoimmune nightmare.  I have Severe Crohns, MS and Reactive Arthritis with a side of Thyroid Cancer.

Join me, my husband and my brilliant 12 year old son try to make a family vacation out of a medical journey for answers!



9 thoughts on ““Hey you should write a Blog” 

  1. Mayo Clinic: Been there. Done that. Got the Tshirt. Laurie got the tatoo: “Hold the Mayo”. She can tell you guys everywhere to go, including underground and outside. If you want a SUPERB walleye sandwich, there is a restaurant right outside of St. Mary’s Hospital, called The Canadian Honker http://restaurant.canadianhonker.com/ There were live bands outside, although that was in June & not March/April in Rochester. How about “ice fishing” over in “dat der Wabasha, Minnie Soda”? Watch the geese and watch where you are walking, if you know what I mean.

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