A little autoimmune history…

In 2005 I was diagnosed with MS and Reactive Arthritis, it sucked but hey with a few really crappy but effective drugs and a walker it was manageable. 
 In 2009 I developed a painful ass issue and by painful I mean 


Turns out I had developed a Perirectal Abscess (you know the taint area 😉) besides it being horrendously painful (you think I can throw anymore painful’s in here) it was also really humiliating. It took 2 surgical procedures to incise and drain and although it took FOREVER to heal it did eventually close and I went on my blissfully unaware way thinking it was just another medical fluke. In 2014 after 5 years of thinking my diseases were under control I started having severe abdominal pain. I went in to have my PCP send me for blood work for what she thought was pancreatitis which was negative, AWESOME no pancreas problems. I decided to ignore the pain. THEN 2 months later POW a new and OMG even more painful bump right back in the unmentionable place😢

I couldn’t stand the thought of having to go thru that misery again so I did what every busy mom in denial does, I googled a home remedy. Which consisted of sitz baths and compresses. YUP me with my big ass in the tub between explosive bouts of diarrhea and puking up to 10-18 times a day. SO I stopped eating -what doesn’t go in can’t come out- right? Turns out you can live that way for a short time but eventually a middle of the night ride thru a snow storm to the ER is necessary so you don’t DIE of a septic blood infection and anal fistula. 

YUP, denial is never pretty but the hallucinations you have when your temperature hits 105 are rainbowrific! 

SO, I was diagnosed with Severe Crohns a new autoimmune disease to add to my docier! I’ve always been an overachiever 😝

Stay tuned for more icky details. It gets educational, I promise 👍🏻


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