History part 2…

Oh yeah I forgot the Big C which if you think about it is kinda humorous. Who forgets they had cancer 🙋🏻. So yeah I was diagnosed with Papillary Carcinoma of the thyroid in 2011. I opted to have it yanked out! Total thyroidectomy, parathyroidectomy and removal of 4 lymph nodes. I received a big ass(pun intended) 😝

dose of radioactive iodine and so far (knock wood) the cancer is gone. Of course not having a thyroid is kinda challenging but that’s a story for another post. 
Stay with me, I bring up the cancer only because it plays an important roll in the trip to Mayo.  

Turns out apparently there’s not many people that have had this particular combo of crap. I’m unique and like my GI said “complicated”. 

Last year I had another pretty ass fistula (which is just a fancy medical term for a nasty infected tunnel from one organ to another) the human body is really amazing. So my surgeon (really great guy by the way) did me a solid and cut a giant divet out of my posterior. It’s a GOOD thing, he got rid of a bunch of old tissue and placed an amazing new seton drain (we’ll cover those later in the Crohns section) but suffice to say my butt looks better than it has for a couple of years. BUT the best part is it’s almost PAIN FREE! 

SO, that pretty much brings us almost up to date and the reason why I need to go see the brilliant world renown doctors at the Mayo clinic, the original by the way. Heading to Rochester MN in April hopefully we will miss any “Spring” snow. Is there truly a spring in Minnesota? 

One more “History” post and we will all be caught up and when I say we I mean me, my mom and probably like 3 other really bored people 😝 


3 thoughts on “History part 2…

  1. Don’t expect great weather in Rochester. I was there in August a year or so after the liver failure I survived and it was a whopping 60 degrees for the high that day. Went another time in December with a brutal wind chill of minus 60 degrees. The weather leaves a lot to be desired but the medical knowledge and expertise gives you all the reasons you need to make that trip.

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  2. You are amazing….and you make me laugh like no other! You have gone and are going through so much (I have the pictures to prove it!!!) and yet your sense of humor stays intact! My thoughts and prayers are with you Mace!! Thank you for keeping us posted on your journey!! Jan would be so proud of you!! Love you!!

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