Crohns, thanks for the laughs!

Disclaimer-don’t read this if your eating and if you are eating send me some right NOW! 

This is gonna sound crazy (I know your thinking like about every third thought that comes outta of her mouth?) but I’m actually kinda thankful for getting Crohns. Yup, go ahead leave me some comments I’m ready! 😝

Crohns has humbled me.  It has shown me  that I can persevere through some pretty gosh darn awful circumstances and still laugh. I’ll tell you what, you haven’t truly lived until you have your big white ass in the air with one guys (surgeons) hand literally submerged, a “fellow” (which is medical speak for a guy that can’t afford his own practice yet) pointing out scar tissue paths to your husband (like he hasn’t ever been down in that area 😉) and a couple of student docs peering into your “cavities”. Yes Sir 5 grown men all looking and touching my backside and not in a “Hey lets tape this and make some money on-line” kinda way.  I know your laughing right now, and so am I. AND I did then to, because if I hadn’t I think I actually could have cried myself to death. 

AND speaking of death, Crohns has brought me to the edge of that particular “ride” 2 times. AND what people say is so true, it really does put some stuff into perspective. 

Number 1-who cares how much money I have it’s all gonna go to medical bills anyway LOL  Money is no longer my barometer for sucess. Seriously Crohns has broke our wallet. 

Number 2-I’m STRONG, stronger than I ever thought I was. Don’t get me wrong just cause I’m strong doesn’t mean I turn down the good drugs! Which I’ve been cut off from FYI- never tell your doc you “NEED” your opioid prescription “NOW” that’s apparently trigger words for “possible pain medication abuser” which I’m not by the way. It only took me 2 months to “dry out”. I’m totally kidding! Or am I???😁

Number 3-I can keep my cool and act “normal” even when shit is rolling down my leg under my jeans cause after 4 surgeries that involve your sphincter muscles sometimes you just don’t feel IT till IT hits you mid thigh. 

Yup I’m strong, my families strong and my faith is strong.  What else could I ask for? 



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