A spouses perspective 

Ok so my beautiful wife has asked me to write a post about being married to  someone with autoimmune diseases. So what do I do? I go online to get some inspiration (plagiarize  just like in school) for the post and all I can find is a bunch of whiny people

  talking about how sad and put upon they are. I don’t feel that way, I get frustrated and pissed off because I can’t do anything to fix it. (If you know me you know  I like  to fix things).  BUT I wouldn’t change anything!  My vow was for better or worse, in sickness and in health and We take them seriously! PLUS she sticks it out with me while I lose all my hair 😢so it works both ways even if the ER trips are some of the reason I’m bald 😝. So here’s my advice Suck it Up ! Make the most of everyday that you have,  you never know what will be coming next!

 Boom (Mic drop) 🎤

If you’d like to see more posts from me please comment below I know I’m not nearly the word smith that my awesome wife is but might consider more in the future. 


2 thoughts on “A spouses perspective 

  1. Wonderful!! I too have a lot of problems. Just ask your beautiful wife about them. She knows:) I am lucky enough to have a spouse that is patient, loving and kind. And more worried about me than himself. He is a godsend just as you are to Macie. The guilt I feel for being such a burden is horrendous. My hubby says nonsense, but I worry all the time about losing him because of being such a burden. I love that you love my sister from another mister so very much. Lifelong commitment. That’s what keeps being repeated to me. Wonderful blog 🙂

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  2. Love you Frankie… please post more and thank you for being such a fabulous husband and daddy. I wish you guys were here so I could help… 😦

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