Poked and Probed!!! 😁

After  2 days – 12 hours each of consultations, tests, scans and literal probing I’m wiped out! BUT also feeling very optimistic and thankful. When I’m thinking a little more clearly I’ll write about all the cool things that have been done to my body so far but I did find out that I was misdiagnosed with the Reactive Arthritis in 2005 and the arthritis I have was/is a manifestation of the Crohns. NOW the question is still how to treat all of the different areas in my body that are being destroyed by that demon that lives inside of me 👹!!! I wonder if an exorcism would help? I’ll have to ask tomorrow if Mayo offers that particular procedure since they do EVERYTHING else! This place is truly amazing and I seriously feel humbled to be here, I thanked God last night for this opportunity it’s such a blessing. 

Tomorrow we will begin another day bright and early! 

If I could ask a favor of all of you, we found out yesterday that my baby brother Zion is in the hospital in Oregon undergoing some emergency blood transfusions. If you could send some  good thoughts his way it would be so appreciated! 

A quick pic of my amazing boy who has been a total trooper!



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