The Pall of America…

Definition of pall

intransitive verb

1: to lose strength or effectiveness

2: to lose in interest or attraction <his humor began to pall on us>

3: dwindle <our enthusiasm soon palled>  to cause to become insipid

Hey we were able to fit a language arts assignment in for Truman 👍🏻

The Mall of America was kind of a disappointment BUT we had fun anyway. The JW Marriot is beautiful and I would recommend a stay there to anybody! Thanks Marriot rewards program.

I’m not sure what we were expecting but besides being BIG BIG BIG not really all that great. If you go bring lots of dough 🤑 Super expensive and crowded. Living in such a rural environment has made all three of us somewhat intolerant of being bumped and bustled. IKEA always rocks but since we didn’t really need to cart a Fetlaff desk or an Ufopheni Armoire home( and if you didn’t get that joke than you haven’t ever been to the Swedish/Northern Germanic Superstore! 😏 pull up a chair to my Bjursta table and I’ll hand you a plate of Salmon with Lingonberries and tell you all about it! Ok, I’m done -you get the point. LOL

Did I mention MN is cold?

Weird “eyeball” in the sky here? No idea what that is 👽

It looks better in the pic than it tasted 😩

He ate 3 bites, money well spent 😳

Cocktails were awesome tho!

The teenager scowl

For my friend Kyla!

He’s wishing his mom wasn’t so embarrassing

Kinda Cool


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