Mayo, that’s for rich people-right?

I’m guilty, I thought that as well.  No Mr. Burns here. 😜 Obviously not a President or a celebrity ( but there’s pics of those people everywhere). 

I was pleasantly surprised that Mayo is for everyone Rich-Poor and everything in-between (like us). True you probably need a little extra scratch to stay for the duration of your trip BUT it’s much more affordable   than you would imagine. If you want more detail let me know, I can fill you in on the different options we researched and tried out. 

I haven’t received the “bill” yet and I’m assuming it probably will run into at minimum $20k just based on all the testing. BUT seriously thats a deal! AND I can say that because we have insurance. Fingers crossed they cover it minus my deductible of course. 

It might surprise everyone that Mayo is a non-profit organization in its entirety with LOTS of programs for low-income families. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you have exhausted all avenues and are dealing with a “weird” medical issue might want to consider a trip to the number one ranked “hospital” in US! 

Plus it’s like a trip to an amazing art museum, so many cool things to see! 



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