Another F’ing Quest! 

Tomorrow we head to St. Louis to meet with my new “team”.

 Feeling apprehensive and not sure why? BUT anxious to get the treatment fully started and God willing my butt on the road to recovery! 

Frank and I laid in bed last night mulling over the side effects of chemo and what the summer might hold for the family.  I’m not sure how much concomitant illness (medical speak for feeling like shit and puking your guts out)  I’ll get stuck with AND I’m taking bets on if/when I’ll be bald 👴🏼 get your $ in now for the pool 👅. 

Frank is somewhat frustrated with me for being so flippant about the whole situation but honestly I’d rather laugh at the absurdity.  I understand his position and can try to summon my serious self but I will more than likely keep making inappropriate comments!!! 

AND it’ll be a hell of a weight loss program, fingers crossed! 

**apologies to Mrs. Davis, Truman’s home room teacher and a blog reader. I know I have a potty mouth. Honestly I’m shocked Truman has never “slipped” at school and let a few fly! 

Smart Ass runs in the family. **



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