At least there will be Propofol πŸ˜²

Yeah another ass “procedure”!

Well my amazing followers (I can’t believe I have a tribe of crazies following me-THANK YOU!) apparently my blue goo ass and vag MRI pics weren’t clear enough so I get to have “exploratory” surgery next Friday. 

OK you sickos (😝) here’s some medical porn for you…teehee

So chemo has been pushed off till after the surgeon constructs a diagram of my road map butt. JOY

I’m also doing all the testing to start Tysabri (potentially) after chemo concludes. Kinda a scary drug but if it works it would be awesome πŸ‘πŸ» I’ll keep you posted. 

TO my fellow Crohnies out there let me know if you’ve ever jumped thru those particular hurdles???

Anywho, I did find out that in conjunction  with getting chemo injections I’m also going to get chemo suppositories – can I get a woop woop? 

On a lighter note, Frank and I inadvertently took a tour of downtown St. Louis as we walked around trying to find the tiny little lab for my specialized blood work. Downtown STL is actually really beautiful, the stately old mansions and fountains made it totally worth the 3 mile hike. 

Here’s some pics to say THANK YOU, my little blog site has reached over 1,000 views. Who knew my rantings would be so popular! 

Stop number 3 for directions, happy accidents look at this amazing mural! 

😍 He loses weight, I find it and 3 other people’s as well 😑

Historic Downtown STL

Just stunning! 

I wanna live in this “alley”!




One thought on “At least there will be Propofol πŸ˜²

  1. I’m keeping you in my prayers. I hope you don’t have to take chemo. There is something really unsettling about taking a med that kills all–good & bad. Getting the good built back up takes time. I also pray the docs find a way to fix what is not working properly and you get relief and complete healing.


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