Bad dreams and dudes in dresses! πŸ’ƒ

Lately I’ve been having nightmares about hospitals (crazy techno colored hallways strange smells-yup I perceive smells in my dreams), weird doctors (evil doctors chasing me or locking me in my hospital room) and receptionists telling me that I can’t go home till my insurance pays up! 



So creepy – right? 

I’m sure it’s just my apprehensions and hang ups making an appearance in my sub-conscience. 

SO, instead of dwelling on things to come (hopefully not like my dreams) we decided to go watch something even creepier in real life.

 The 2016 Mr. Skyline Beauty Pageant. 

It was a hoot!

Some of those boys were absolutely beautiful! Nothing like watching giant jocks and wonderful band geeks pull off evening gowns and up-do’s…


I’m thinking I NEEEED to see Frank in drag! SOON!

LOL, I’ll let you know if I’m successful in persuading him  πŸ˜


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