Strung Out 😳

Let me just state that I’m somewhat still high from the surgery and pain meds but I wanted to write a post anyway. Hopefully I won’t regret it 👀

The surgery went fine, no NEW fistulas woohoo!!!! Great news! The surgeon now has a nice little “base line” road map of all of my holes 🌑 AND holy hell I hope so because  he dug and scoped something fierce back “there”! I had Frank take a look and his sudden catch of breath and “oh honey” we’re not particularly comforting words. SO of course I made him take a pic-which I will NOT be sharing because WOW just WOW! I want this to be an informative funny blog not an “Holy Crap her inards are now outards, WTF is that purple/green glob of tissue” kind of blog!

Anywho, the upside we got to have Tai and sushi for a reward! I pretty much hate sushi, but Frank loves it and I got super yummy spicy rice noodles and peanut sauce! Might as well cauterize the open wound with Wasabi !🔥

Thanks ever so much for all the wonderful, kind and supportive words! You guys are truly the best! Wanted to give a shout out to my  mom, Vicki Pelicane for hanging out with the kiddo! Love you MOM! 😘


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