I’m SO Lazy!!!

Another WARNING inappropriate subject matter below!

Ok, so I’ve been slacking lately and haven’t posted for a bit. Those of you with kids know end of the school year translates to moms (and dads-no sexism here) running your behinds off trying to get everything accomplished and amazing for your precious little off-spring.  AND I only have one and am a stay at home goddess so I’ll keep it real – I’m LAZY!

BUT here I am to answer your questions from my last post. It’s hysterical but not really surprising because I’d want to know as well, the question most asked:

Can I still have SEX and is it painful?

So I’ll just dive right in-YES we have been able to maintain relations pretty much as normal as before my ass became a bubbling cauldron of disgusting  😜 !

With a few minor modifications (and I think it goes without saying that anal is out forever! Oh man my moms gonna love me putting that out there. BUT let’s be honest after 25 years of marriage -we’ll never mind, you get it). Other than that it’s been fine, now granted the first week after surgery is out of the question!!! 😂😂😂😂

Apologies to my father in law-I really am a “good girl” still.

Next question was “How does Crohns effect my daily life?”

Crohns is a raving Bitch, there’s no two ways about it! I mean you already know I suffer from toilet mouth so no sugar coating it. She’s evil! BUT sometimes she’s relatively quiet and I have a decent day that doesn’t require 5 or 6 changes of clothes. Basically Crohns in my case just means diarrhea issues and pain in the abdomen. I have the fistulas (ass tunnels) and when I get a new one of those it’s horribly painful but day to day just the RUNZZ are the issue. I try to watch my diet but for me aside from a few trigger foods there’s really no ryme or reason of what’s going to cause me to sprint to the Porcelain thrown sometimes 18-20 times a day.  I try to stay close to a bathroom and a shower as much as possible.  I’m always prepared with wipes, pads and or diapers, extra panties and a change of clothes when I leave the house.

“Why are you going to take chemo, you don’t have cancer-right?”

True, I don’t currently have cancer. I’ve been in remission from papillary carcinoma of the thyroid going on 6 years.

Thank you Jesus from the bottom of my heart!

One of the side effects from chemotherapy is a severely suppressed immune system which is really bad for most people but because my immune system is an Olympic athlete with ADHD chemotherapy in theory will supress the immune system so that my body can heal, hopefully. It’s been used in people with severe auto immune diseases for quite sometime with good success.

“Do you ever worry about your husband leaving you since your sick?”

NOPE,  Frank and I have been together since we were literally children. He has seen everything, cleaned unspeakable wounds, held my hair back while I’m puking SO many times I can’t even count, held my hand when getting bad news and gone toe to toe with arrogant surgeons. He’s my advocate and champion. AND if he was gonna bail he would have done it years ago. AS trite as it may sound, we are more in love now than I think we were on our wedding day!  I know I am!  BUT it still holds true that if one of us dosent tell the other to F off during the course of the day then there’s something wrong 😳It’s marriage and there’s no guarantees ever but I’m certain we can weather just about any storm!

“Do you feel guilty about your son being exposed to so much at such a young age?”

Yes, I do.  I grew up with a chronically ill baby brother. I was a caretaker from the time I was 5 years old.  I never resented him but I did miss out on being able to be just a kid. AND maybe I wouldn’t have been carefree anyway it’s not really my personality. BUT I surely don’t want my son to have to be a nurse (unless he chooses that as a profession which would be awesome!) We try to shelter him from the worst parts but he dosent know anything but living with a chronically ill parent, I was diagnosed with the MS when he was less than a year old.  He’s a gentle compassionate kid and he just GETS IT. So if my medical issues played a part in that, it’s OK.  Our lives just are what they are, I wouldn’t have chosen this ride for any of us but I think we are all stronger because of it.

So that’s it, I answered all the questions that were put  in front of me. Good Job Tribe!  I’m committed to being open and honest about this journey, my apologies if it gets TO REAL!!!


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